Seen Zoned episodes (When it comes to insurance)

I find it so funny. Was just done chatting with a 2001 colleague over LinkedIn and we were talking about Insurance. He asked me whether I have experienced being ignored.

I said, “YES!, seen-zoned. 3 people have done that to me actually”. 😀

Then he went further to prod me into revealing my thoughts about it (as if torturing me to answer), “So, how did you feel?”

I just said, “Not affected. First, it’s never my loss. And I was like them in the past too, so I was prepared. I only gave them the benefit of realizing how they can prepare for the future – for themselves and for their family. Second, while waiting for them to respond, which they haven’t, I moved on and made more people realize the benefits. I actually made some get policies, one even got 3!”. 🙂

See, we can never force somebody to follow our advice however genuine our intent is. I was late for 15 years and it’s just so good to feel that I am still able to get Life Insurance protection. It’s a calculated risk. The rewards is just too nice for the risk, and that I realized only this year. My happiness of getting one only led me to try becoming an instrument such, so that others may also be aware of the benefits of protecting their family’s future. That I won’t grow tired of, even if no other person reading my “insurance” posts may ask me to assist in getting one. It’s a personal commitment and I won’t waiver in my desire to become one of those who can contribute by spreading awareness. The Philippines insurance coverage is very minimal. Peoples’ fear of the unknown, thus not taking action, only lead to families suffering: no food on the table, children not able to continue studying, etc. etc., a ripple effect that will go downstream a long, long way which will make it hard for them to recover. It’s time we should reconsider building a bridge for your young generation. Get Protected, don’t disregard just because you’ve lived a nice life. Give your children the same, if not better future life.

Btw, I don’t blame those who didn’t reply. I understand. But keep on thinking about it. Discern. Do some introspection. Make your move once you are convinced with yourself that you do need it. 🙂 You’re also free to call on your friend to assist you. I don’t have to be. For as long as you’re protected? I’m successful with my drive. Cheers!