Protecting From Dangers Lurking Your Life

In Science we learned that plants and animals have their unique ways of defending themselves from attackers.

Humans, no matter how the gift of intelligence gives them multiple ways to protect themselves, can still fall prey to dangerous personal calamities — Sickness, Accident, Disability.

Protect yourself and your loved ones by making sure that the financial burden brought about by a personal disaster is mitigated or addreased in full by the Life Insurance company, not from your own pockets, savings, and investments. Be the Man from the PRU.


Why is Life Insurance not URGENT for you?

I bet you’ve come across horrific stories about friends (and relatives for some) dying too young because of cancer, stroke, or heart attack. Was it the lifestyle or the processed food they ate? was it genetic? Did they die because they could not afford medical care?
Or perhaps stories of some becoming paralyzed that they could no longer talk nor walk, hence out of work.
So with all these, my wild imagination brings me again to the following questions:
1. Have you seen how their children or parents struggled with the loss, or the medical costs, or the loss of income?
2. Have you reflected on your own and thought ‘what if it me?’ ?
3. Despite being offered good products that can transfer the risk from your family to the insurance company, what is it that prevents you from getting one now?
You know, I could help. All it takes is for us to talk about it. It’s not me selling you a product. it’s me guiding you on how you can and ought to protect your family against all of life’s major risks: Sickness.Accident.Disability, dying too soon or living too long.
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Contact me so we can discuss more about Life Insurance and how it definitely can help in the future.

Be PRUactive, plan to secure your loved ones

Be PRUactive. How many calendar days do you need to mark with ‘X’ before you decide to message me because you want to start the #protection program? I wish I could convince you to have that sense of urgency. But I will wait. Meanwhile, do plan to secure your own and your wife and children. Securing your wife means whoever “goes” first will leave his/her own “Legacy” to the family. Whoever gets sick due to critical illness will not cause any major disruption in the financial status of the family. if both should “go”, make sure the children’s education fund continues thru Pru Life UK’s Payor Waiver.

Be PRUactive; plan for you and your loved ones; like me, be the Man From The PRU!

Relationship Index

It’s interesting to note that the Philippines is second to Cambodia in terms of Relationship Index as per PRU LIFE UK’s research for 2017.
Cambodia and the Philippines are still considered developing economies. Though it may not be conclusive, I find having strong family ties is causing some families to think low about their future, after all being in the family home brings food and economic security altogether. We don’t dream of owning a house because we can live in our parents house. Why think of retirement when the simple lifestyle we got used to need not be changed? We don’t dream of flying outside the country because our parents never did anyway! If I don’t have rice today, how difficult can it be to get a 5/6 loan from a loan shark? Basic food is enough for us and we’re so used to this kind of meal—rice with tuyo, rice with pork oil and salt, rice and “lucky me” noodles, etc…
Today’s forum on Relationship Index made me appreciate more my decision to become a Pru Life UK’s financial advisor and a student of Registed Financial Planners (RFP). I see myself as having a big responsibilty in changing the course of the Filipino culture, albeit in my own little ways, that is, helping many to unlearn old thinking and learn new and modern theories and applications about personal finance; about how strong family ties can be an inspiration or motivation to work hard and not become a limiting or curtailing trait amongst a lot of us.
Filipinos being 2nd in strong family ties is a good thing. it’s never a bad thing. Us Financial Advisors just need to educate every family about planning properly for the future, about dreaming BIG and daring to achieve that Dream.
So when I ask you about protection, retirement, education, or investment, it’s not about me. It’s definitely about you. I’m only here to show you the way.

What Life Insurance is not about

Let me tell you what a Life Insurance Financial Advisor is not about:
1. It’s not about company incentives and commissions
2. It’s not about certificates, plaques or distinctions
What it is about?
1. It’s about making sure our clients are able to pay medical bills that could be hundreds of thousands to millions. It’s about getting the best health care.
2. It’s about making sure the family still gets to eat three basic meals a day and able to buy grocery when the client is no longer able to work due to disability
3. It’s about making sure each child the client has is able to graduate in college even if he dies.
4. It is about making sure the client grows old not dependent on any of his children for his monthly needs.
I trust you understand why I am passionate about being a Life Insurance agent. I was, for 15 years, just laughing about this, until i realized this year how it may really help my future and my dependents’ future. The passion is all about the strong belief that this business is really all about preparing the WEALTH for the client and his loved ones when they needed the most.

Life Insurance Protection Policy – Transferring the Risks To Insurance Companies

You are the breadwinner, the family’s major or single Source of Income.

On happy days, it’s really fun to see your family enjoying the fruits of your labor. You are even happier if you can take them to a perfect, fancy restaurant for lunch or dinner and have the kids play to their heart’s content in the children’s playground inside the mall.

You think about where to enrol them for college education and your choices are most certainly the top 5 schools in the country.

You dream of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Orlando, Florida for the kids to enjoy in the “Happiest Place on Earth”, Disneyland! Or have plans to take your wife to a very romantic 5-day trip to Europe.

Lurking behind though is the threat to your life, your family’s financial security, and the kids’ education.

These are sickness due to critical illness, disability, and loss of job. These are uncertain events that, hopefully, you are very much aware of. These can deplete your financial resources.

To achieve that peace of mind, we need to plan for transferring these risks somewhere else so that should anything happen, the plans for the family will continue, with or without you.

Let’s talk about how we can transfer the risks. Coffee on me.




Seen Zoned episodes (When it comes to insurance)

I find it so funny. Was just done chatting with a 2001 colleague over LinkedIn and we were talking about Insurance. He asked me whether I have experienced being ignored.

I said, “YES!, seen-zoned. 3 people have done that to me actually”. 😀

Then he went further to prod me into revealing my thoughts about it (as if torturing me to answer), “So, how did you feel?”

I just said, “Not affected. First, it’s never my loss. And I was like them in the past too, so I was prepared. I only gave them the benefit of realizing how they can prepare for the future – for themselves and for their family. Second, while waiting for them to respond, which they haven’t, I moved on and made more people realize the benefits. I actually made some get policies, one even got 3!”. 🙂

See, we can never force somebody to follow our advice however genuine our intent is. I was late for 15 years and it’s just so good to feel that I am still able to get Life Insurance protection. It’s a calculated risk. The rewards is just too nice for the risk, and that I realized only this year. My happiness of getting one only led me to try becoming an instrument such, so that others may also be aware of the benefits of protecting their family’s future. That I won’t grow tired of, even if no other person reading my “insurance” posts may ask me to assist in getting one. It’s a personal commitment and I won’t waiver in my desire to become one of those who can contribute by spreading awareness. The Philippines insurance coverage is very minimal. Peoples’ fear of the unknown, thus not taking action, only lead to families suffering: no food on the table, children not able to continue studying, etc. etc., a ripple effect that will go downstream a long, long way which will make it hard for them to recover. It’s time we should reconsider building a bridge for your young generation. Get Protected, don’t disregard just because you’ve lived a nice life. Give your children the same, if not better future life.

Btw, I don’t blame those who didn’t reply. I understand. But keep on thinking about it. Discern. Do some introspection. Make your move once you are convinced with yourself that you do need it. 🙂 You’re also free to call on your friend to assist you. I don’t have to be. For as long as you’re protected? I’m successful with my drive. Cheers!

Life Insurance; get one!

It doesn’t really matter to whom you talk with, as it’s you who will ultimately decide. But at times when you have nothing but thoughts running thru your mind, do you think about about the future – yours and your loved ones? How do you make sure they have something for the table to eat when you are gone? If you have children sleeping at night, what will make you less worry for them? Have you been doing the right thing? Is it too late to prepare?

This is not a corny joke about “open-minded ka ba?”. It’s a challenge to yourself – what are really your aspirations for your loved ones? If you’re single, prolly this won’t come as a challenge to you, but you will soon, and you may tell me in the future that I did the right thing in letting you think about it now.

I realized all these belatedly. Hindi pala pwede ang mag sabi ka sa sarili – “bahala na kayo mga anak, magsikap kayo sa sarili nyo kung ano man mangyari sa akin”. being 15 years late came at a steep cost. But who else to blame but myself? But there’s no point in blaming for yesterday. It’s what you can do now for the future that matters.

Think about it.

I became the Man from the PRU because I realized and now BELIEVE that the best “pamana” I can give to my kids is the wealth already created; it’s just waiting for them to come. Andiyan na! all that is needed is for me to abandon this earth. 😉

Talk to your agent, the one you bashed or made fun of last time. Call him/her, text him/her. Get Protected!

Insurance Protection or Investment?

Last night I received a PM, asking why I switch between Insurance and Investment in my posts. The lady has no insurance policy and “invests” money in the bank. I cannot tell if she is a non-believer of life insurance but the way the followup questions were made, seems like it.
There are two aspects: becoming protected and of course enjoying a wonderful retired life.
Protection Insurance policy protects the insured (living benefits) and in the worst case of suddenly taken out of the picture, protects those left behind (read: FAMILY), called death benefits. It essentially provides a guaranteed wealth, in Millions. If one dies after two years, he/she would have saved only thousands, yet, as a death benefit, the beneficiaries will get that huge amount, parting gift so that in the next few years, their lives will not totally hit rock bottom. As a living benefit, imagine you get stroke or heart attack or cancer in the next two years, that same protection will advance a portion (and it’s again in Million term) for you to use in whatever way: medical expense? money in lieu of salary? etc.
Protection is number one because investments, savings and all may be put at risk and may get drained easily if you are out of work due to Permanent Disability or if diagnosed of a critical illness. It will be costly. You want to make sure that before your “buffer” get’s drained, there is something not from your pocket to help you out initially. 1 Million to spare? who gives that?!
I also post stuff about investments, which by the way, has been my personal crusade for the longest time. In whatever way I can, I hope to contribute to make people become financially independent, financially literate, and debt-free (I was a 3-year prisoner of credit card debts 2000-2003, since then I don’t own a credit card!). I have persuaded more than 30 people to get into the stock market and invest (some would really trade, like me, lol).
Investments are meant for people who already have protection policy, those who are already guaranteed sufficient MILLIONS to protect self and/or family. Because we invest with the goal of taking that European tour, or buying that nice house by the beach or that dream car right? We invest with a purpose. We should! because if there’s no end in sight or motivation to invest, it simply won’t work. We will not be motivated to have a disciplined investment scheme without a goal at the end. “Begin with the end in mind”.
If you can reach millions earlier by getting 10% avg annual returns, why settle for decades at 1% less 20% withholding tax less inflation effects by saving in the bank? Rule of 72. if annual growth rate is 10%, then if you invest 100K today, it will be 200K in 7.2 years, if 10% is consistent. So how much should you invest today if a European tour for 4 may cost 500K? When are you taking that tour?
So it’s really either the post is for you because you aren’t protected or the investment post is for you or both will impact you. 🙂

Protection Cost

“Insurance cost is cheaper when you are not yet sick or are still able to work.”

Insurance is really wealth created from the moment an Insurance Policy is issued, in fact partial insurance coverage of 500,00 is already enforced at the time the Provisionary Receipt is issued once payment has been made.

You can sleep with ease and comfort knowing that whatever happens to you, your loved ones will be well taken cared of. Who else can give them Millions for their future if you are no longer there to assist? Even while alive, do you really have a few millions to use or for them to use? May be not!

And God willing that you will still be there at the ripe age of 70 with your dependents already having a comfortable life of their own, will what you save for the insurance be put to waste? Certainly not! The Variable Universal Life (VUL) insurance is specifically designed so that what you invested for protection can become a source of retirement too! Imagine being able to withdraw a few millions because you wanted to buy for your 6-months worth of medicine and things you may need at that time while still insured until the age if 100? If you are still alive when you retire at age 65, you have potentially 4.2 milion to withdraw from!

At a cost of 3,000 per month or 36,000 a year what is in it for you? 

Say you are 30 years old, 


 (@10% growth rate, Fund Value is not guaranteed as it will depend on the performance of the chosen fund)

Insured Amount/Sum Assured: 3Million

In case of total & permanent disability: 2M

Accidental Death or Disablement: 500K up

If diagnosed with Critical Illness: 800K up

Fund Value if you die @ age 65:  4.2M

Total Benefits: 7M up!!

Whoever is your beneficiary will surely be well taken cared of and that’s really the essence of protection.

If you become totally disabled at age 35 and you can no longer work, what is not nice and wonderful about being paid 2M in advance from your 3M Sum Assured so that you can still provide for your family? added to that, since you provided a Waiver on Total and Permanent Disability rider, you continue to be protected with 1M Sum Assured and will NO LONGER be paying your 3,000 a month or 36,000 per year because Pru Life U.K. will continue paying that for you until age when the waiver shall lapse at age 70. since at age 70 you will have 10M or more, the fund value will take care of the payments until age 100, more than enough to cover your protection insurance.

If you are diagnosed with any of the 36 Critical Illnesses which include stroke, heart attack, cancer, etc. – the very common and very expensive kinds if illnesses, you will get 800,000 in advance to help shoulder the cost of treating the illness. if the total hospital cost for 1 critical illness is 1.5M, don’t you think 800K is a great discount?Now, if due to critical illness you are removed from the picture at a tender age of 45 or barely 15 years after you started the policy, maybe your dependents will still depend on you and your loss will be tragic for them. It won’t be totally tragic as you already have the wealth for them to use to build their future.  And that could be:

TOTAL BENEFITS: 3M + 630K = 3.60M up!

at age 45, 36,000 x 15 = 540K worth of payments ONLY!

3,000 per month is a savings amount you can put into insurance instead of regular savings. You commit 3,000 with all your heart because you believe that the wealth is already there and while we never want to die, it’s really a hard reality and certainly in life.

If you are younger than 30, it means lower insurance charges, longer investment horizon to reach age 65 and hence bigger and better Fund Value return. So, the younger you get a policy, the cheaper and the better it is for you.

At your age today, do you think you can set aside 3,000 for your own protection the protection of your family’s future?

Message me right away! Let’s discuss your options.