Why is Life Insurance not URGENT for you?

I bet you’ve come across horrific stories about friends (and relatives for some) dying too young because of cancer, stroke, or heart attack. Was it the lifestyle or the processed food they ate? was it genetic? Did they die because they could not afford medical care?
Or perhaps stories of some becoming paralyzed that they could no longer talk nor walk, hence out of work.
So with all these, my wild imagination brings me again to the following questions:
1. Have you seen how their children or parents struggled with the loss, or the medical costs, or the loss of income?
2. Have you reflected on your own and thought ‘what if it me?’ ?
3. Despite being offered good products that can transfer the risk from your family to the insurance company, what is it that prevents you from getting one now?
You know, I could help. All it takes is for us to talk about it. It’s not me selling you a product. it’s me guiding you on how you can and ought to protect your family against all of life’s major risks: Sickness.Accident.Disability, dying too soon or living too long.
Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 8.39.05 AM
Contact me so we can discuss more about Life Insurance and how it definitely can help in the future.

Author: pruactiveadvisor

I am a Financial Advisor affiliated with PruLife UK, in the Philippines. I can help you with your Traditional insurance and VUL needs. But more than that, I am very willing to discuss with you your financial status and how we can find ways to improve it. I have been a strong advocate of financial literacy and financial wellness since 2010, sharing information related to achieving ones financial goals. If you want to set up a meeting to discuss your current financial status and needs, reach out to me thru pruactiveadvisor@gmail.com

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