Life Insurance; get one!

It doesn’t really matter to whom you talk with, as it’s you who will ultimately decide. But at times when you have nothing but thoughts running thru your mind, do you think about about the future – yours and your loved ones? How do you make sure they have something for the table to eat when you are gone? If you have children sleeping at night, what will make you less worry for them? Have you been doing the right thing? Is it too late to prepare?

This is not a corny joke about “open-minded ka ba?”. It’s a challenge to yourself – what are really your aspirations for your loved ones? If you’re single, prolly this won’t come as a challenge to you, but you will soon, and you may tell me in the future that I did the right thing in letting you think about it now.

I realized all these belatedly. Hindi pala pwede ang mag sabi ka sa sarili – “bahala na kayo mga anak, magsikap kayo sa sarili nyo kung ano man mangyari sa akin”. being 15 years late came at a steep cost. But who else to blame but myself? But there’s no point in blaming for yesterday. It’s what you can do now for the future that matters.

Think about it.

I became the Man from the PRU because I realized and now BELIEVE that the best “pamana” I can give to my kids is the wealth already created; it’s just waiting for them to come. Andiyan na! all that is needed is for me to abandon this earth. 😉

Talk to your agent, the one you bashed or made fun of last time. Call him/her, text him/her. Get Protected!

Author: pruactiveadvisor

I am a Financial Advisor affiliated with PruLife UK, in the Philippines. I can help you with your Traditional insurance and VUL needs. But more than that, I am very willing to discuss with you your financial status and how we can find ways to improve it. I have been a strong advocate of financial literacy and financial wellness since 2010, sharing information related to achieving ones financial goals. If you want to set up a meeting to discuss your current financial status and needs, reach out to me thru

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