Be PRUactive, plan to secure your loved ones

Be PRUactive. How many calendar days do you need to mark with ‘X’ before you decide to message me because you want to start the #protection program? I wish I could convince you to have that sense of urgency. But I will wait. Meanwhile, do plan to secure your own and your wife and children. Securing your wife means whoever “goes” first will leave his/her own “Legacy” to the family. Whoever gets sick due to critical illness will not cause any major disruption in the financial status of the family. if both should “go”, make sure the children’s education fund continues thru Pru Life UK’s Payor Waiver.

Be PRUactive; plan for you and your loved ones; like me, be the Man From The PRU!

Retire Comfortably

Us in the late 30’s, definitely we have time to build our retirement fund. Let’s break that cycle of being overly dependent from the welfare or charity to some extent from our children. It’s true, when we ask money from our kids when we are old and retired, we may be taking away investment money for our grandkids. How much do you think we need if don’t act now? even 5K a month will be 14K worth when we retire. Let’s break the cycle by building our retirement fund NOW. Fortunately Pru Life UK has #elite products which can assist us build that retirement fund for the future.

If not now, when?


Here’s a screen grab of ANC OnTheMoney post in Facebook showing Randell’s views about retirement.

Credit to both for the post and the tip.

My Critical Role as Financial Advisor

My role as a financial advisor is a critical one. There are still a lot of Filipinos that are either uninsured, underinsured or insured incorrectly. It’s up to me to educate them. I should be persistent in making sure they will understand the value of securing one’s future and that of the family. They may not appreciate me right now but when bad things (S.A.D. – Sickness, Accident, Disability) happen, they will be relieved that I was patient and persistent. Be the person who will thank me in the future. Don’t be the one who thinks of me while you ponder hard what made you reject my desire to insure your future self and family. 🙂 Let’s talk about it. I’m here, very glad to help! 😉

How expensive is 3K/month Life Insurance?

I understand why most are not willing to save 3K or more for Life Insurance. It’s expensive and 3K (let’s use this as minimum) can still buy a lot in a month (like what?). But let me try to reason out why it’s not; Let me count the ways:

1. 3K a month is 100 per day.

2. if age is 23, 3K is 3 Million in guaranted Life Insurance coverage. Even a 28-year old can get 3M.

3. 3K is Critical Illness coverage of 500k-900K depending on age. We will have to find out.

4. 3K is 3M max of Disability coverage and Income replacement.

5. Depending on age, 3K is 3-5M in Fund Value at age 65.

I understand almost everyone is afraid of losing money, more so 3K per month. But at what lost benefit? If diagnosed with Stroke, Heart Attack, or Cancer in one year, what is 36k saved compared to 500k-900k of critical illness benefit? If a person dies in 3 years, what is 36k x 3 when compared to up to 3M in death benefit for the beneficiary?

Granting one lives long enough, what is 36k x 40 years compared to 3-5M in Fund Value for retirement? and most of all, how much is 3K really worth in 10 years? 20 years? 40 years?

If I have convinced you already, send me a message. let’s start the program shall we? I am The Man From The PRU!

Relationship Index

It’s interesting to note that the Philippines is second to Cambodia in terms of Relationship Index as per PRU LIFE UK’s research for 2017.
Cambodia and the Philippines are still considered developing economies. Though it may not be conclusive, I find having strong family ties is causing some families to think low about their future, after all being in the family home brings food and economic security altogether. We don’t dream of owning a house because we can live in our parents house. Why think of retirement when the simple lifestyle we got used to need not be changed? We don’t dream of flying outside the country because our parents never did anyway! If I don’t have rice today, how difficult can it be to get a 5/6 loan from a loan shark? Basic food is enough for us and we’re so used to this kind of meal—rice with tuyo, rice with pork oil and salt, rice and “lucky me” noodles, etc…
Today’s forum on Relationship Index made me appreciate more my decision to become a Pru Life UK’s financial advisor and a student of Registed Financial Planners (RFP). I see myself as having a big responsibilty in changing the course of the Filipino culture, albeit in my own little ways, that is, helping many to unlearn old thinking and learn new and modern theories and applications about personal finance; about how strong family ties can be an inspiration or motivation to work hard and not become a limiting or curtailing trait amongst a lot of us.
Filipinos being 2nd in strong family ties is a good thing. it’s never a bad thing. Us Financial Advisors just need to educate every family about planning properly for the future, about dreaming BIG and daring to achieve that Dream.
So when I ask you about protection, retirement, education, or investment, it’s not about me. It’s definitely about you. I’m only here to show you the way.

Life Insurance for Millennials


Millennials, what to you is saving 1,500 per month? How is your attitude towards investing for your future self?

Yes, go on buy that 100k IPhone X or take on a fancy Royal Caribbean cruise in Hongkong or Singapore.. or Go to Busan, SoKor because it’s in your bucket list, or do a sky diving or bungee jumping in New Zealand, because, you know what? YEAH! you only LIVE ONCE!

But in all these YOLO things, think that you will also grow old if you don’t die young.
So, if you want to continue enjoying YOLO till you grow old, save some intended for your future self! ummkaaay? #usapTayo orb!


What Life Insurance is not about

Let me tell you what a Life Insurance Financial Advisor is not about:
1. It’s not about company incentives and commissions
2. It’s not about certificates, plaques or distinctions
What it is about?
1. It’s about making sure our clients are able to pay medical bills that could be hundreds of thousands to millions. It’s about getting the best health care.
2. It’s about making sure the family still gets to eat three basic meals a day and able to buy grocery when the client is no longer able to work due to disability
3. It’s about making sure each child the client has is able to graduate in college even if he dies.
4. It is about making sure the client grows old not dependent on any of his children for his monthly needs.
I trust you understand why I am passionate about being a Life Insurance agent. I was, for 15 years, just laughing about this, until i realized this year how it may really help my future and my dependents’ future. The passion is all about the strong belief that this business is really all about preparing the WEALTH for the client and his loved ones when they needed the most.

Life Insurance Protection Policy – Transferring the Risks To Insurance Companies

You are the breadwinner, the family’s major or single Source of Income.

On happy days, it’s really fun to see your family enjoying the fruits of your labor. You are even happier if you can take them to a perfect, fancy restaurant for lunch or dinner and have the kids play to their heart’s content in the children’s playground inside the mall.

You think about where to enrol them for college education and your choices are most certainly the top 5 schools in the country.

You dream of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Orlando, Florida for the kids to enjoy in the “Happiest Place on Earth”, Disneyland! Or have plans to take your wife to a very romantic 5-day trip to Europe.

Lurking behind though is the threat to your life, your family’s financial security, and the kids’ education.

These are sickness due to critical illness, disability, and loss of job. These are uncertain events that, hopefully, you are very much aware of. These can deplete your financial resources.

To achieve that peace of mind, we need to plan for transferring these risks somewhere else so that should anything happen, the plans for the family will continue, with or without you.

Let’s talk about how we can transfer the risks. Coffee on me.




Buying on cash, on lesser amount

Whether its real estate property or a car or any other big ticket item, a wise investor will not use credit to purchase the item. It’s always best to use cash. We know using cash will take a lot of time therefore it may take a lot of time to build the fund to purchase. That’s true. If the item will generate income, then leveraging on cash and using credit from loans will be ideal. But if it’s for personal use, would you really be ok giving out interests which could be 60% of the cash amount? Fortunately, there is a way to save less cash then allow compounding to hit the target amount. Here’s a sample:


If you dream to make a big-ticket purchase in 10 – 15 years, consider investing in Elite 5 or Elite 7 products of Pro Life UK. The return will help achieve your goal.

Contact me for details on how to go about it.

Preparing for Child’s College Education

On Educational Fund

We want to give the best education for our kids. But given the 6% annual increase in tuition fees, it’s not enough to save money for the education 10 to 15 years later, we have to keep up with 1. Inflation rate 2. Annual Tuition fee increase. Hence, saving money in the bank may not be the best nor ideal solution. If saving 1M in an investment which will generate 2M in 10 years, would that be something that will interest you? Fortunately there is a way, and I can assist you with it. Let’s talk about it.Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 10.51.32 AM